Here I have a listing for the glossary of terms I use on this web site as well as my Accessibility Statement.


Technical Terms On This Web Site
Here I try to explain the technical terms in a way most people can understand.


An accesskey is code that allows a visitor to a web page to jump from one part of the page to another part of the same page just by using the keyboard. I don't use accesskeys because of problems with their implementation.

Alt Text

Those of you interested in SEO would think of terms like "alt tags". This is the wrong term. It is not an "alt tag", it is an "alt attribute". Sorry, I'm being a geek again.

I use alt text in the alt attribute behind the images that convey a meaning. This has relevance to SEO but I use it so people using text readers like Lynx can read the meaning behind those images.


This is a shortened term for "web log". You can think of it as a diary you have on the internet. As such anybody can read this "diary". Not all blogs are "diaries" but this is a simple example. Readers of a blog are often able to leave comments on the web page about what is written.


Short for "Cascading Style Sheets". This is other code that controls the way the web pages look and even how they print. Strictly speaking a small amount of xhtml also controls the way web pages look but it's mostly done by the css I use.

Domain Name

This is the technical name given to what most people call a web site's "web address". For example "www.petermount.com" is my web site''s domain name.

Dynamic Web Pages

When a web page's content seems to get updated because of your actions it is said to be a dynamic web page.


Java is code to make a web page dynamic. This is a gross oversimplification. In reality Java is used for much more than web sites. But a small part of it is used for web sites. In money terms web sites that use Java are more expensive than ones that use PHP.


This is yet another set of code that controls the way web pages behave. As people can turn off JavaScript in their web browsers I don''t rely on this solely for most things. For instance I have a backup for form validation in case JavaScript is turned off.

JavaScript has nothing to do with Java by the way.

Linux Hosting Plan

You've heard of Windows and you're probably using it right now (unless you've got a Mac). Well apart from Windows and the Mac OS there is Linux. With web sites you will hear the terms "Windows Hosting Plans" and "Linux Hosting Plans". In money terms Linux Hosting Plans are normally cheaper than Windows Hosting Plans.


This is a database. It is often used with dynamic web pages. One typical use is as part of a blog or an ecommerce web site. In money terms web sites that use MySQL are cheaper than ones that use other databases like MS SQLServer.


This is a scripting language. The term "scripting language" is just a fancy way of saying that this is code that is used in making dynamic web pages. xhtml is still used but php is used along side it. In money terms it is cheaper to have a web site made in php than it is to have one made in Java.


This stands for "Search Engine Optimisation". SEO is mentioned in the entry for Alt Text above. SEO is the process of improving your web site's page ranking in Google.

Static Web Pages

This has got nothing to do with static electricity (apart from the fact you could have a web site dedicated to the observation of static electricity).

When a web page does not change without somebody changing the files this web page is known as a "static web page".


Officially this is "html done to the xml standard". Really it's just the code behind the web pages. You could call it the "new and improved version of html" but some geeks might get picky about that.

My Accessibility Statement

How I use accessibility on this web site
I strive to make web sites easy to use in different web browsers and text readers. Please contact me if you have problems with accessibility or usability on this web site.

Standards Compliance

Strict xhtml together with css is used for displaying web pages in \r\n graphical web browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox. If you click on the links, XHTML CSS, you will see I use valid xhtml and css. Those links keep me honest.

Text Readers

This web site is tested in Lynx. For this reason tables are not used for layout. Tables are best suited for tabular display of data (eg a month in a calendar).


At this time I do not use accesskeys. This is because I have read that there are problems with their varying implementation in different web browsers and operating systems. I am taking note of any further developments with this.


This web site uses JavaScript mainly for validating input into the web mail form on the Contact page. This web site will still work OK if you have JavaScript turned off. Site navigation and links do not use JavaScript. The web mail form will still be validated with JavaScript turned off as I also use server side validation of the form in case JavaScript is turned off.

Alt Text

For the sake of accessibility I make use of alt text for images that convey a visual message. For example, users of Lynx will then be able to read the meaning that is meant to be conveyed by the image.

There may be times when an image is used strictly for decoration so I would only use blank alt text for that. An example may be some image used as a border on a page and this would lose it's relevance when that page is viewed in Lynx.

Copyright and technical information

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